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Music Performed By:

Members of the Milwaukee Philharmonic Orchestra

Violin 1: Tiffany Chang, Abigail Peterson

Violin 2: Anne Steeves, Alex Fisher

Violas: Denice Haney, Evan Lane

Cello: Lindsay Patterson

Bass: Dean Sulok

Piano: Johanna Brahm

Bb Clarinet: Lauren Lafonde

Vibraphone: Peter Gauthier

Special Thank you to Matt Makeever and the Milwaukee Philharmonic Orchestra.

Audio Production: Peter Gauthier

Produced By: Peter Gauthier

Notated/Orchestrated By: Peter Gauthier

Scotch Tension:

A film by Sam Kasper and Grant Brown

Fall 2020; Milwaukee Film FesT

Music Produced and Composed by:

Peter Gauthier

©2020 Peter Gauthier Music; All Rights Reserved

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