Producer, composer, percussionist, pianist, Peter Gauthier lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where he works collaboratively with film as a composer, music producer, and audio engineer. Studying under Amanda Schoofs, and Dr. Jonathan Monhardt in the Peck School of the Arts at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Peter has become known for producing acoustic chamber compositions, electro-acoustic, and electronic works.


In 2018, Peter was commissioned to write original music for Scotch Tension, a major collaborative project that premiered in the Fall of 2020 at the Milwaukee Film Fest. The feature film, directed by Sam Kasper and Grant Brown, is a love story. The first half of the movie is more traditional with tonal and post-tonal orchestral music. The second half of the film has a dark and sombre twist, where the music is more experimental, with extended instrumental techniques and electronics. The score was performed by members of the Milwaukee Philharmonic Orchestra, and is now streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Peter’s website, and more.

One of Peter’s other compositions is Empathy, a piece for stereo fixed media which premiered at the Milwaukee Composers’ Collective concert in the spring of 2019 at UWM. Snippets of breath and tongue clicks are layered to create rhythmic patterns which are seldom repeating and overlap with the text of the piece. These cut ups are recorded from a letter Peter received from President Barack Obama discussing the need for empathy in his generation. Due to the cut up aesthetic and manipulation of voice, you do not hear the full message of the text until about halfway through the composition.

Peter has collaborated with undergraduate and graduate film colleagues at UWM, in addition to working professionally with local film companies. His composition for Open Wide, a short film produced by Wide Open Pictures, was an electronic work for domestic field recordings and sampling. The avant-garde piece was composed in two parts: an intense A section of sampled string orchestra with live synthesizers and a drum set; a more subdued B section of manipulated field recordings and synthesizers.

His EP Liquid Electrics, released in 2018, features acoustic, electronic, and electro-acoustic works. Peter has also recently been applying his percussion and audio production skills by performing drum set and producing with the Milwaukee psychedelic-indie-rock group known as Colorblind Chameleon.