Composer, percussionist, and pianist Peter Gauthier (Go-T-A) lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he works collaboratively with film as a sound designer and audio engineer. Studying acoustic chamber music, electroacoustic and electronic composition, Peter is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Composition & Technology at Peck School of the Arts, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, where he is mentored by Amanda Schoofs.

           He has composed the music for several films, three of which were premiered on the campus of UWM as well as a short film for Wide Open Pictures. His score for Wide Open Pictures was an electronic composition, using audio samples as well as sampled instruments to create an artsy work. The piece was in two halves, a very intense intro including a string orchestra, synthesizers, and a drum set, while the last half of the piece and film he utilized manipulated audio files and synthesizers creating a work that would be categorized as an Avant-Garde work. In 2018 he was commissioned to write original music for Scotch Tension, a major collaborative project that will premiere in 2020.  The feature length film, directed by Sam Kasper and Grant Brown, is a love story. The first half of the movie is more traditional where there will be an orchestra playing more tonal and post-tonal music. The second half of the film has a very dark twist, where the music will become more experimental, allowing the orchestra to play with experimental extended techniques which will be performed by the Milwaukee Philharmonic Orchestra.

          In 2017 Ripon High School premiered his composition Of the Masses for concert band. Another major work for concert band, Been Written, will be premiered by Berlin High School this coming fall. Both of these pieces have a unique use of dissonance and post-tonality, where Peter composed outside of the intended pitch class creating unique work. His love of percussion allowed him to write a very driving and rhythmic percussion part which overlaps with the rest of the ensemble in a compatible fashion.

Peter has composed a piece for percussion ensemble, string quartet, and live electronics titled Envelope which was premiered at the Milwaukee Composer’s Collective concert in November of 2017. This piece utilizes a synthesizer which overlaps tonally with the vibraphones, who also tonally overlap with the string section. The piece is in three parts, a traditional four four meter, following a mixed metered section with pulsating rhythms bouncing between five eight and seven eight.

          His most recent piece is a piece for fixed media titled Empathy which is being premiered at the Milwaukee Composers’ Collective concert in the spring of 2019. Empathy is a piece exclusively created by using vocal samples. Snippets of breath, and clicking of the tongue creates rhythmic patterns which are seldom the repeating, overlapping with the text of the piece. The text is cut up and manipulated so you don’t get the full message until about halfway through the composition.

           An important side project is his musical group Light Purple Brew, which specializes in Avant-Garde Jazz Pop orchestrated for dual synthesizers, drum set, electric guitar, saxophone, and voice. He also completed his EP Liquid Electrics released on March 17, 2018 which features acoustic, electronic, and electro-acoustic works.


March 17, 2018

Peter's EP album Liquid Electrics features Taylor Popour, and Cassy Doolittle. Percussionist Lucas Sem also joins the credits for the piece titled The Architect, which is the last track on the album.


Summer 2019

Scotch Tension is a film directed by Sam Kasper and Grant Brown. A love story written by Samuel Kasper and Grant Brown, is being scored by Peter Gauthier and the Milwaukee Philharmonic Orchestra. Some of the music for this film will work with Voice, Percussion, Electronics, Piano, and more. 

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin